What our Clients have to say

“We have worked with CommPassion (formerly Oak Tree Business Consultants) for over 7 years with a real focus on improving internal communications. Their level of knowledge and expertise in the field is great as is their passion around the subject. They are able to bring external references in and improve how we do things. They have the ability to engender passion and a real focus on results. Very quickly they were able to build relationships with an internal team and really drive an agenda and get the results. The work that they have encouraged in the UK has now been taken globally in many areas. I would highly recommend Penny’s team and the work they do.”

“Penny brings huge energy and enthusiasm to what she does, and it’s clear that she has a genuine passion for her work. She’s knowledgeable and authoritative about all aspects of communications, and always willing to put her out to do the best job possible. She is creative in coming up with new ways of getting her message across. As if that weren’t already enough, Penny is also a pleasure to work with.”

“I have worked with CommPassion (formerly Oak Tree Business Consultants) a number of times seeking their help and guidance in team building and communicating strategy. I have always found their interventions very valuable and constructive and, most importantly for me, always different. Penny keeps her approach fresh and does not rely on the same hackneyed processes as others do, meaning that her projects feel tailored and dynamic. I will use CommPassion again in the future and have no hesitation in recommending them.”

“Penny is a true professional with a dynamic and focused drive and vision. She energizes people and encourages them to develop their communication style. Penny is highly creative, literally buzzing with ideas and can think and act quickly as the situation demands. I would have no hesitation in recommending Penny to your organisation.”

“Penny was a great person to work with. Her influence was immense as we transformed staff engagement through massively improved internal communication. Internal communication is an inadequate label for the impact of the work done by Penny - it was truly releasing the locked up potential of the company.”

“Thank you for all the support and guidance you have provided during the time you have supported us in defining and rolling out the communication plan. Staff engagement has progressed significantly since you have been working with us.”

“Your input has been invaluable to us, and I have personally really enjoyed working with you, and learnt a lot in the process.”

“Penelope is a true business professional: focused and idea orientated with excellent communication skills. She is able to look at problems from a number of different angles before developing innovative marketing based solutions.”

What our readers have said about our articles:

  • Greet the cleaning person and the CEO of the company in exactly the same way’ - thought-invoking and oh so true... thanks for raising this topic! PM
  • Be congruent - walk the walk and talk the talk’ - Wonderful article! Very well explained! MS
  • This is a well done article. Thank you for writing it. The article supports the principles of dialogue style conversation (intention, listening, advocacy, inquiry and silence) and how we are in conversation with others. LL
  • ‘Exude positive energy in both your written and spoken words’ - This is a great, positive perspective…It also helps to keep the audience engaged and energized. AA-W
  • ‘Be aware of your speech patterns and habits, including inflection, pacing, and tone of voice ‘ - Many thanks for these wise words. We're frequently called on to address 'global' audiences, and I'm convinced that paying more attention to pace, and variety of pace too, can greatly help get the message across. KL
  • ‘Practise empathy’ - Thank you for the excellent insightful article, which should be read by everyone. D’LVA
  • This may be the best article I've seen on [our internal web site] yet. Thank you so much for writing such a beautiful piece and spreading a little more of what we all need to remember. AH
  • ‘Choose your words carefully, avoid judgement statements and focus on the facts’ - A very useful article with profound truths. PS
  • In my opinion, these are very awesome and wise words! I loved this and it falls right in line with all my current studies, practices and beliefs - The part about "stating it is your opinion" and careful use of the words "never" and "always" is particularly profound and could change people's lives in how others would react to them. Thanks for sharing. ML

What our webinar attendees found useful:

  • I enjoyed this as an intro to EI. I feel the presenter did a good job whittling down the subject into a short presentation
  • All of it! The slides and information in them were really useful and interesting. This should be part of required training for all managers
  • Interesting content and nice presentation. Thank you, good insights
  • It was a great webinar, very interesting and useful!
  • Very relevant background on values, mindfulness, and how this ties in to work performance and relationships.
  • All of it was great, but I especially like the insights around self-awareness and self-management.
  • Length of the presentation just right to maintain attention. This was a good opportunity to bring awareness and highlight where to find these excellent tools
  • Framework for communicating in a professional manner
  • Time is the most valuable resource so the tookits, guides and tips will be most helpful. Thank you for the webinar. I will share the slides with my team.
  • Psychological aspects of resistance and insights on perception and how the brain works, very useful.
  • Practical information about the content/steps of the change communication
  • I like the format, and the presenter(s) are always very good and effective with communication
  • I found this communication webinar excellent - topical and a useful area to keep revisiting
  • Relevant to all employees, no matter what their level within the company
  • This was a very engaging and practical talk. Very useful and enjoyable.
  • This was all very well done and well-researched--like everything I've seen from your team. The presenters are very smooth and easy to listen to. Thanks very much for all the work you put into these webinars and the related materials on your web pages
  • There were lots of interesting things but building key skills such as empathy and trust was very useful. Also the tips on influencing talking to your manager was very good
  • I think the format is excellent
  • I thought the interactive exercise was very helpful, I also like that there were multiple speakers, it kept my attention. The examples for each scenario were also helpful
  • The questionnaire and poll results were great! Also, tips on body language were very helpful.
  • I like the fact that the information was presented in steps. It gives you the opportunity to take a couple of steps to work on to improve communication.
  • I liked the ABCDE. That will be easy to keep in mind whenever I need to send out messages to a larger audience. Also nice to have these short 30-45 minutes sessions. You will always be able to find time for that