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7th April 2017
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5 ways to be a positive-minded leader, influencer or collaborator

We’ve all experienced people who exude positive energy – they bring a brightness to any situation, are usually successful at what they do, and they don’t […]
17th March 2017
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Comms Essentials ~ what a difference a smile makes

 Smiling is one of the simplest techniques for effective communication. It’s a non-verbal communication that can speak louder than any words we say – yet it’s […]
23rd February 2017
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Can we afford not to develop our emotional intelligence?

  According to Kim Morris Lee, Director of Organisational Effectiveness at the University of Illinois, when the American Air Force started considering emotional intelligence during their […]
10th January 2017

How to communicate your strategy on one side of A4

  When employees understand their overall role in a business 91% will work towards this success, but this number plummets to just 23% if they don’t. […]
19th December 2016

5 tips to Reducing Misunderstandings

5 tips to Reducing Misunderstandings As we hurtle down the home straight towards the pinnacle of the festive season, with all the expectations it commands of […]
1st December 2016

The danger of assumptions

The danger of assumptions Did you hear the one about Fred? He was looking out of his window one day, thinking how much his grass needed […]
21st November 2016
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How can acceptance help us towards clearer communication?

How can acceptance help us towards clearer communication? With one after the other surprising results in politics this year, it seems this surprising world might be […]
7th October 2016

Mediation – solving workplace disputes with communication

  Mediation – solving workplace disputes with communication Listening to the two American candidates in their recent televised election debates, you could be forgiven for thinking it […]