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13th February 2018
The Bigger Picture

3 Essential Factors for Engaging Employees in the Bigger Picture

“Building a visionary company requires one percent vision and 99 percent alignment” Jim Collins and Jerry Porras, authors of ‘Built to Last – Successful Habits of […]
13th December 2017

8 steps to ‘giving feedback’ comfortably

Why is it that the phrase ‘giving feedback’ fills us with such dread? I don’t mean the kind of feedback we’re asked for when we’ve attended […]
19th October 2017
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How well do you manage communication before it escalates to conflict?

Today heralds Conflict Resolution Day, an international celebration initiated by the ACR (Association of Conflict Resolution) in 2005 to promote awareness of mediation, arbitration, conciliation and […]
29th June 2017
Domino 1

Comms Essentials ~ Communicating Decisions

Ask yourself every day: ‘which decisions and changes am I making that will affect others – and how shall I let them know?’ Decision-making is just […]
15th June 2017
debate - political

What do political debates teach us about company culture?

The more I listen to politicians talk with each other, the more I am puzzled as to how and why this type of discourse has become […]
6th June 2017
emailing flame wars

Comms Essentials ~ how to avoid flame wars

 Avoid writing emails and making phone calls when you’re angry, upset or frustrated. Instead, meet with the person or phone them to sort issues amicably and […]
11th May 2017
transparency and truth ball resized

How important is the truth?

Communication strategies and channels, however well-crafted and used, are only meaningful if fundamental personal communication competencies are in place across an organization. These competencies ideally encompass […]
7th April 2017
silver lining cloud - cropped

5 ways to be a positive-minded leader, influencer or collaborator

We’ve all experienced people who exude positive energy – they bring a brightness to any situation, are usually successful at what they do, and they don’t […]
23rd February 2017
EI two people with computer components - recoloured

Can we afford not to develop our emotional intelligence?

  According to Kim Morris Lee, Director of Organisational Effectiveness at the University of Illinois, when the American Air Force started considering emotional intelligence during their […]
10th January 2017

How to communicate your strategy on one side of A4

  When employees understand their overall role in a business 91% will work towards this success, but this number plummets to just 23% if they don’t. […]
13th July 2017
boss speaking 1024px

How to sound more professional when you speak

Ever heard a media interview for a news item and felt the person sounded unprofessional?  Conversely, have you heard others speak and thought how eloquent and […]