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Comms Essentials ~ Communicating Decisions

Domino 1

Comms Essentials

Ask yourself every day: ‘which decisions and changes am I making that will affect others – and how shall I let them know?’

Decision-making is just like the domino effect.

You give a simple nudge on the first domino and it tumbles over on to the next, which falls down onto the next, which affects the next and – before you know it – a whole series of pieces are lying on the floor.

And so it is with decisions. What might seem a fairly innocuous choice of what to do in any particular situation will undoubtedly have a knock-on effect on someone… one of your team, the next team, the wider department, a customer, a supplier.

Some decisions might only make a slight difference to others, but others could have varied,wider and deeper repercussions.

And it isn’t just the big decisions that have this effect – just think about how many small decisions you’re making every day, every hour.

So how do we anticipate the domino effect and make sure that the outcome of our decisions has a positive, not negative, outcome on others?

Simply by being aware of the impact of your choices on others.

Make a mental note (even stick a post-it to your desk) – so that when you find yourself mDomino 2aking a choice about a situation, just ask yourself:

  • Who could this affect?
  • How might it affect them?
  • How will I let them know?

If the answer is that it genuinely doesn’t affect anyone, you can move on and take your action.

But if it does domino onto someone else, it means you can warn them, inform them, involve or consult them, and ensure the impact that you have on others is positive and cooperative.




Penny2Penelope Newton-Hurley is a Communication Troubleshooter,Consultant, Trainer and Mediator
The Communication Troubleshooter helps drive engagement and performance through Emotional Intelligence and CommPassion© Communication techniques.

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